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Postby stingraywings » Tue Sep 16, 2014 6:31 pm

I mentioned briefly in the IRC a couple of days ago but over this weekend elementalgirl split up with me and although we are on good terms, we think it will be best to put our show to rest.

I still might be hanging around the IRC and I do have quite a big set of podcasts to upload over the next few days so if you missed out on our show over the last couple of months you have plenty of stuff to catch up on.

Elementalgirl is considering sarting up a new show when she's settled into Uni and guaged her workload but I think I'm done with presenting now so it's unlikely I'll be on air again.

It's been good meeting everyone here and awesome to see a lot of you at iSeries. Like I said I'll probably still be hanging around IRC but if you want to add me on Facebook I'm at facebook.com/stingraywings.

So goodbye, and I hope you all enjoyed our show while it lasted.

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