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Postby darkelink » Wed Apr 09, 2014 7:58 pm

So Lord-Eris and I started to make some insults that were not insulting unless you take them the wrong way. I went for the style of passively aggressive complements where as Eris went for "seemingly racist statements to expose their own prejudice". Here is the result:

<Lord_Eris> Your mother has the work ethic of a Polish Builder
<darkelink> That shirt makes you look less fat
<Lord_Eris> You have all the spine of a french army general.
<darkelink> Your days in school could have been better spent developing your art
<Lord_Eris> Your linguistic skills are roughly matching to that off Spanish Playwrite.
<darkelink> You would make a great lure for birds
<Lord_Eris> You eat as much as an American Diabete's Doctor.
<darkelink> Your doctor must be very good at their job
<Lord_Eris> I find you as entertaining as a Spanish Soap Opera.
<darkelink> I think you will like the new version of internet explorer
<Lord_Eris> You have the reliability of an Indian Call Centre.
<darkelink> You are the kind of person who would be good at IT
<Lord_Eris> You look like the armpit of a french underwear model.
<darkelink> I could find a spa that would love you to go there
<Lord_Eris> You possess the self control and resperctability of an Italian Politician.
<darkelink> Your tenacity proves how many roads a man can walk down
<Lord_Eris> You have the inherant trustability of a 1970 British Children's television star.
<darkelink> Vintage wine makers everywhere envy your feet
<Lord_Eris> You're Welsh.
<darkelink> You must do a lot to stimulate the economy around your area
<Lord_Eris> You have the fiscal viability of Greece.
<darkelink> I heard you like Coldplay
<Lord_Eris> You have the artistic understanding of postwar Germany.
<darkelink> Your ability to talk for a long time and not say anything is unmatched
<Lord_Eris> You possess the tact of a russian diplomat.
<darkelink> Everyone has been working too hard so we need someone like you to show them how it is done
<Lord_Eris> People from south africa think you are fun to be around.
<darkelink> You are an expert with a shake weight

So... any more?
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