The List

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The List

Postby osku » Thu Dec 01, 2011 2:45 pm

everyone likes lists...right :D

Top 10 Things i Hate atm.

1.Old people walking slowly infront of me -  out of my way gramps
2. People who use the default ringtone on their phones - grr
3. People who worry about things they cant controll - can you do anything about it? no? so why worry about it, it happens if it happens
4. The wet dog smell - yak
5. The disappointment you get when you open the fridge door all hungry and already imagining what you gonna have, just to find it empty - noooooooo
6. Feeling when you realize you need to walk to the store weakened from hunger to get that food - foooook
7. Batteries - they run out
8. People who are vegetarian only cause they think its cruel to kill animals and eat them - ???
9. Skinny hollywood girlies/models who think it they look great - feels yakky to hug a skeleton
10. Overly cheerful people when your tired - do you want me to kick your ass?

so whats your list like? no need to be top 10, 5 is a nice number too...
list can be anything, anything at all

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Re: The List

Postby kittycatjack » Thu Dec 01, 2011 8:50 pm

Osmo Simola,550.0.html
make a list
just a list about something
doooo iiiit

Jeez osku keep your hair on.. ::)

So I have to list some kind of things here.. Maybe you readers should too..
I keep thinking, "What to list.. what to list.." and I eventually came up with the idea of listing some handy programs/software bundles for you Windows users;
Without further a do:

  • 7-zip (Advanced Archiver/Extractor tool)
  • µTorrent (Lightweight BitTorrent Client
  • Notepad++
  • K-Lite Codec Mega Pack (For added media playback functionality - works with most media players)
  • Media Player Classic - Home Cinema (Extremely powerful player without any nonsense - comes with K-lite Mega pack)
  • Google Chrome/Firefox (Whichever you prefer)
  • Unlocker by Cedrick Collomb (Handy Process/Handle tool)
  • PowerIso (CD/DVD Mounting & Backup software)
  • Steam (Yes! GAMES!)

And.. I think that's it.. I can't think of a 10th so if you guys can, then you should give me a shout  :D
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Re: The List

Postby Dru » Thu Dec 01, 2011 10:23 pm

Hurm, my list is going to be very motherly:
10 things everyone should have in their home

* wind up torch
* first aid kit (at the very least some plasters, savlon and painkillers)
* a good suit
* a sewing kit (again, at the very least, a needle and thread and some buttons)
* a can of emergency soup,
* a big mug (big enough to double as a bowl)
* a can opener
* a kettle
* a stapler
* bleach
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