Vault 21

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Vault 21

Postby adam » Sun Jun 12, 2011 10:59 am

[color=#0000FF:3e1qxqfb][b:3e1qxqfb][size=200:3e1qxqfb]Welcome, citizens of New Vegas, to Vault 21![/size:3e1qxqfb][/b:3e1qxqfb][/color:3e1qxqfb]

[b:3e1qxqfb][size=150:3e1qxqfb]Vault 21[/size:3e1qxqfb]
Everything's better, when you experience it, in a Vault[/b:3e1qxqfb]

So I was asked to make a thread on this, since a lot of it needed clearing up. Vault 21 is basically a top notch hotel, casino, bar and restaurant. I'll go over a few of the basics for now, delving into more detail when I feel like typing:


The currency in Vault 21 is Redstone. Think of it as the "casino chips" of minecraft. Basically, upon buying a room you are given a set amount of redstone (in addition to other luxuries) depending on the quality of service that you chose. Redstone can also be bought from AdzyKayy's player owned shops in the casino, at the going rate of 32 redstone for 1 gold (32:1).

However, there is a catch: You cannot bring any redstone from outside the vault into the vault and vice versa. Any redstone brought out of the vault will be returned and cashed in for gold at another player owned shop near the lobby, at the going rate of 20 redstone for 1 gold (20:1)

The Redstone will be supplied by an infinite shop in the storeroom, to allow me to easily get access to redstone when needed, at the going rate of 16:1

Redstone is gained upon completing and (usually winning) a variety of games. Examples of these games are Spleef, Spleef Evolved, Arena and guess the size of Satal's Porn Stash (Patent pending).

More games will be added after suggestions from the community.


The Vault offers many services to its residents. The services included are:

[list:3e1qxqfb]A Casino, where they can play the many games and "gamble" their redstone.

A Cafeteria and Bar, where they can socialise and purchase many of the goods that Vault 21 has to offer with redstone (Like naturally bottled water! (slightly irradiated))

A excavated tunnel, where the residents can go back to their roots, literally!

One bedroom rooms and two bedroom suites, which are fully customizable to the resident's wishes.[/list:u:3e1qxqfb]


Now for the tricky subject of prices. The prices initially begin at one of two base prices. They are then increased with additional luxuries. The prices are as follows:

[b:3e1qxqfb]BASE PRICES[/b:3e1qxqfb]

[list:3e1qxqfb]Room - 5 Gold

Suite - 20 Gold[/list:u:3e1qxqfb]

[b:3e1qxqfb]STAY TIMES[/b:3e1qxqfb]

[list:3e1qxqfb]Short Stay (Basically, a temporary stay. Residents are requested to leave after 1 week) - +10 Gold

Long Stay (A permanent stay. Residents are free to stay as long as they like) - +32 Gold[/list:u:3e1qxqfb]


[list:3e1qxqfb]1st Class (Comes with full gold armour, mushroom stews, cooked pork and 200 redstone) - +32 Gold

2nd Class (Comes with cooked pork and 50 redstone) - +10 Gold[/list:u:3e1qxqfb]


All games involve the players "betting" an amount of redstone, which must end up equal for all players. Winners take all, losers get nothing. All of these games are non-lethal (with the exception of Arena)


Regular spleef! This arena is made from netherrack and players are given an iron pickaxe. Below the arena is a pool of water leading to an exit.

[u:3e1qxqfb]SPLEEF EVOLVED:[/u:3e1qxqfb]

This version of spleef is a new one, invented by me (I think). The arena is made from layer upon layer of different kinds of blocks (Netherrack, Dirt and wood). Players are given a diamond shovel, axe and pickaxe each. Players must adapt their technique and tool depending on the layer. Each layer is spaced out by 3 blocks, preventing cheating. At the bottom of the arena is a pool of water leading to an exit.


Players are given a stone sword each. They must bring only the agreed amount of redstone and their sword with them. After that, it's a fight to the death. The winner takes the dropped redstone and returns both swords. No blocks must be placed or removed and no food must be brought into the arena unless specified with an upgrade. Upgrades can be bought for gold. These upgrades are permanently applied to the character who bought them and will take effect when they begin the game. Examples of the upgrades available are:

[list:3e1qxqfb]Sword upgrades (Iron, Diamond)

Armour upgrades (Leather, Iron)

Ranged upgrade (Bow)

Health upgrades (Bread, Cooked Fish)

Distraction upgrades (Eggs, snowballs)[/list:u:3e1qxqfb]

That's all for now, more to come later :)
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